The Docs

Hometown: Augusta, GA

Education: B.S. - The Citadel (1973)
Doctor of Optometry - Southern College of Optometry (1978)

Practicing since: 1978

Hobbies: Golf, literature

Favorite Quote - "Always be nice and treat everyone with respect." - Dr. Victor Casella, founder, Casella Eye Center (1917-2010)

Greatest Accomplishment: Marrying my wife Carol in 1974

Hometown: Augusta, GA

Education: B.A. (cum laude) - University of Georgia (2003)
Doctor of Optometry (cum laude)
University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Optometry (2007)
Residency in Ocular Disease - SUNY State College of Optometry (2008)

Practicing optometry since: 2007

Hobbies: Music, family and writing my local beer column

Favorite Quote: "I missed the boat once as a child, but now I am able to miss the boat consistently and with great accuracy." - John Fishman, drummer (1965-present)

Greatest Accomplishment: My family