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da Vinci

The eyes are the gate­way to the soul.” Was Her­man Melville sim­ply stat­ing the obvi­ous with this
famous quote, or was he onto some­thing a bit more — for lack of a less Woody Allen-esque term –
meta­phys­i­cal? What­ev­er the case may be, star­ing at the Mona Lisa today prob­a­bly has an equally
stir­ring yet hyp­not­ic effect as it did when it was first unveiled in the ear­ly 1500’s. Inter­est­ing­ly, people
are usu­al­ly so cap­ti­vat­ed by her eyes that they total­ly miss the fact that the hori­zon is uneven­ly split on
her right and left side. Da Vin­ci was sure to have had a good laugh at this com­mon over­sight, but, even
in the avant-garde art world in which we live, the eyes are what we are drawn to most­ly and more often
than any oth­er aspect of a work. We relate to them, almost as if in some sort of thought-driven
dia­logue. Per­haps that is part of the rea­son why the eyes and vision con­tin­ue to be one of the most
philo­soph­i­cal aspects in the sci­en­tif­ic are­na today, just as they were in Da Vinci’s par­a­digm. There
tru­ly is an art to every science.

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