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Johnny Depp

From John­ny Depp to Fer­gie, celebri­ty choice for design­er eye wear con­tin­ues to hinge on bold and notice­able rather than sleek and sub­tle. It’s almost as though glass­es are accom­plish­ing what purs­es did in the 80’s 90’s: wear your per­son­al­i­ty on your face.Look­ing at the lat­est Ray­ban and Coach designs for eye wear reveals that the design­ers are push­ing this cul­tur­al milieu on to the main­stream, as well. In oth­er words, as far as design­er eye wear is con­cerned, big is the new small. Thank­ful­ly, it’s not the 70’s all over again (some fash­ion con­cepts are just unfor­give­able). How­ev­er, you may want to go ahead and pull out those old way­far­er sun­glass­es (you know, the ones upstairs in the same box as those shirts with the alli­ga­tors on them). You nev­er know what’ll come back around.

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