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Making It All Count

The visu­al sys­tem is a com­plex and mul­ti­fac­to­r­i­al enig­ma, parts of which we are just begin­ning to explore. When we refract patients (check them for new glass­es or con­tact lens pre­scrip­tions), we take pre­cise mea­sure­ments of their visu­al acu­ity, func­tion, and defo­cus (among oth­er aspects). The val­ues we come up with are all impor­tant, but what’s real­ly impor­tant is what hap­pens when the patient puts on the new pair of glass­es and walks out the door and into the real world.

The Visiof­fice, a nov­el instru­ment pro­vid­ed by Essilor (the largest opti­cal lens com­pa­ny on the plan­et), allows us to take “real world” mea­sure­ments of how a patient behaves visu­al­ly. For instance, is a par­tic­u­lar patient more of a “head turn­er” or an “eye turn­er”? Does he or she have a slight head cape to the right or left? What are the angles of the frame rel­a­tive to his or her head posi­tion? As the optics of lens­es get more and more sophis­ti­cat­ed, these mea­sure­ments mat­ter more and more. The Visiof­fice instru­ment accom­plish­es these mea­sure­ments in just a cou­ple of min­utes, and we’re very for­tu­nate and thank­ful to Essilor for pro­vid­ing this new sci­ence to us. Stop in today and let us show you how pre­cise­ly cor­rect we can now make your visu­al world.

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